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Healthy Deodorant

My handmade deodorant is made from all natural, ingredients. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and tea tree oil to fight bacteria, which causes odor. I never need to use preservatives in my deodorant, beeswax inhibits the growth of microorganisms and is one of the main ingredients. This fresh scented deodorant will keep you fresh up to 18 hours.  To use, take a small, pea sized ball and melt it completely between your fingers, then gently rub into your armpits until absorbed. It can be re-applied as needed.



Handmade Lotion Bars


This lavish lotion bar is wonderful for dry climates like Colorado. It gently melts with your body heat and you can conveniently hold the bar and rub it directly on your skin. The moisturizing Coconut oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil will penetrate into your dry skin for instant relief. It is also good for your lips, and works wonderfully to bring your tattoos back to life!

Each lotion bar is handmade in small batches. 



*Lavender (certified organic) 

*Spicy Geranium Verbena (100% pure natural oil)

*Patchouli (Aveda Oil)

*Lemongrass (Non GMO organic)

*Eucalyptus (essential oil)

*Peppermint (essential oil)

*Orange (organic)

*Clove Bud (essential oil)

*Bergamot (bergaptene free essential oil)

*Cinnamon Leaf (USDA certified organic essential oil)

*Tea Tree (essential oil) or any combination.

*Mosquito repellent available "BUGGER OFF!"

 I have added some new scents like *snickerdoodle, *forest pine, *brown sugar *vanilla (which are not essential oils), 


Also available at Monchele Hair studio in Centennial, Colorado

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