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Hair extensions are my PASSION!  I am always learning new techniques and EVERYTHING about them, and you know what?  They just keep getting better and better. For example, I will no longer do tape in extensions, why? because of the damage they do to your natural hair.

My intention for you is to give you the best possible look while maintaining the health of your hair.


Keratin hair extensions that I use are made with 100% human remy aligned hair and also since they are fused close your scalp, it is almost impossible to tell whether the strands are real or your natural growing hair. This means no one will be able to locate the bonds due to the intricacy involved in the application process.

I take very small sections of your hair and bond the extension close to your scalp. Kertain extensions can be cut to accommodate smaller sections where the hair is thinner in density by up to 1/3 of the original width for customization. I do not make my keratin extensions into  little cylinders that are rice like. I actually use a method of enveloping or flat wrapping them, this way they lay flat against your head and are more comfortable to wear and sleep on.

The best thing about keratin extensions is that you can get several months of wear again with proper care.

I can strategically place them for different effects. They can be used as highlights, they can be used in areas of your head where your natural hair is thinner or will not grow past a certain length, but he best is a full head of long and thick hair that shines and flows like silk. 

Yes it does take time, because I do install them correctly, so plan to spend the afternoon with me having a great time!




Flat tip extensions are similar to keratin, but they do not have as much hair per extension and cannot be cut into smaller extensions. The advantage of flat-tip extensions is that they are attached with a bead. They can be used up to 3 times if properly taken care of. The flat tip extensions can be tightened and lifted back up after 6-8 weeks of wear.  This would also be the same technique and advantages with the i-tips, but the i-tip extensions do not lay flat to the head and I feel they are not comfortable.



The "grandma" of hair extensions. The weft has been around for, I believe, the longest time. In the beginning it was sewn into braids, made into pre tape extensions by us genius' trying to be innovative...ha ha and it was even glued directly to the scalp (owie!) The hair was not always the best and sometime not even with the cuticles facing the same direction.

Well now "grandma" is getting the well deserved attention she deserves.  The hair quality has improved immensely and they even have hand tied wefts, where a painstaking process of tying the hair to a weft by a person, instead of a machine. Wefts can still be sewn in, but now we have these micro beads that we can use to attach the hair weft. There are several ways of doing this and depending on your hair the appropriate method will be used. This hair can be re-used if taken care of.

This I feel is one of the safest methods of hair extensions as far as damage. Yes you can still damage your natural hair if ther weft is tugge or pulled and not cared for properly.

Now that you have an overview of some of the extension methods, let's get you booked for that consultation.

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